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Office365 FAQ

Office 365

For general questions, please visit:

When is the migration happening?
Staff and Faculty from Borland will be migrated on April 2nd.
Staff and Faculty from Stuckeman will be migrated on April 3rd.
Staff and Faculty from CPA, Palmer, and School of Visual Arts will be migrated on April 9th.
Staff and Faculty from Music and Theatre will be migrated on April 10th.

What should I do to prepare for the migration?
Go through the Office 365 Migration Checklist: Office365MigrationChecklist
Complete Office 365 self training at:

Where can I find additional training on Office 365?
Sign up and take Office 365 Pre and Post Migration training sessions
We recommend you take the training for Outlook, Sharing & Collaborating, and Working as a Delegate for Email and Calendaring.

What should I do during the migration?
The migration will start at 4:30pm on your scheduled migration date. Please refrain from using email for at least two hours. After the migration is complete, you can access your email and calendars via You can then complete the post migration sections listed in the Migration Checklist. You will not be able to use the Outlook desktop app or Mac Mail until an IT staff member stops by your office the morning after the migration. Alternatively, we will have triage locations available the day after each migration to assist with configuring laptops and smart phones.

Triage locations:
April 3rd: Borland 113
April 4th: Stuckeman Jury Space (All day except 11:30am - 2pm)
April 10th: Patterson 210B
April 11th: Theater 2nd floor lobby (8am - 1pm), Music 115 (1:10pm - 5pm)

How long will the migration take?
For users who only use UCS web (, the process should be fairly quick. Once you have been migrated, you can access your mail and calendars at

For users who use the Outlook desktop application or Apple Mail, we will be visiting each area on the scheduled migration days to assist with the setup on work computers. Once we meet in your area, the process should only take a few minutes for each user. However, you will have immediate access via as soon as the migration is done.

What should I do if I am not available during the scheduled migration time?
We will be available for assistance the entire week of the scheduled migration. If you cannot be here for the scheduled the migration, let us know and we can reschedule your migration for a later time.

What is included in Office 365?
Desktop Apps: Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access (Windows only), and OneNote.

Web Apps: Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneDrive, OneNote, Planner, Sway, Flow, Yammer, Newsfeed, Microsoft Teams, Stream, SharePoint, Delve, and Forms.

How can I learn more about the Office 365 applications?
See a summary of each product included in Office 365 here:
Please visit the Office 365 training site for tutorials and information:

Will Office 365 email work on my smart phone?
Yes, instructions for configuring email on your Android or iPhone smartphone can be found at the links below:

You can also install the Outlook mobile app from the Apple App Store and Android Play Store.

For additional instructions on Office 365 apps, visit the Penn State Knowledgebase:

Will Office 365 apps work on my personal computer?
Yes, you can access all of the Office 365 web apps from any computer. If you wish, you can also install the desktop apps on up to five computers. You can install the desktop apps directly from:

For additional instructions on Office 365 apps, visit the Penn State Knowledgebase:

Will Office 365 email work on Mac Mail?
Yes, instructions for configuring email on Mac Mail of OSX can be found here:

I have additional questions/concerns.
We will be holding Q and A sessions during these times:
     March 22nd: 10am-12pm in 105 Borland
     March 27th: 10am-12pm in 103 Stuckeman
     March 27th: 3pm-4pm in 105 Borland
     March 28th: 12pm-2pm in 128 Theatre
     March 29th: 12pm-2pm in 210 Patterson
     March 30th: 2pm-4pm in 105 Borland
     April 5th: 10am-11am in 105 Borland

Helpful links:
Office 365 Training:
Office 365 Cheat Sheets:
Office 365 Quick Start Guides: