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Spirion (Formerly Identity Finder)

To combat the growing number of security threats today, the University requires that each of its units and campuses identify, remove, and/or protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII) on all Penn State desktops, laptops, and servers. PII includes sensitive information such as:

  • Social Security numbers (SSNs)
  • credit card numbers
  • bank account information
  • driver’s license numbers

Loss of this data could have a significant impact on Penn State’s reputation and business relationships, so performing regular scans for PII is critical. To aid in protecting the community from these security dangers, Identity Finder’s Enterprise Suite is available to all Penn State departments for Windows and Mac computers. Working in a client-server fashion, the Identity Finder software scans systems for PII such as SSNs, credit card numbers, bank account information, and driver’s license numbers and provides an environment for easy review of the scan results and remediation of PII found. If PII is found on your machine, the AAIT HelpDesk will be in touch with you to schedule remediation.

AAIT IDF Instructions

Windows Training Video

Mac Training Video

Quick Tips:

  • Look down the list of results by file name, not each hit in a file.  If all of the files listed are false positives (log files and so forth), just click the checkbox icon at the top of the checkbox column to select all and then click Ignore -> Location
  • If you get an error that a location can not be ignored, that file may be in use.  Check what you have open and close the related program and try the ignore again.