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Data Backup

You should always backup your data

There are multiple approaches to keeping your data safe, but you need to ensure that you are taking advantage of at least one data backup plan. On average, 15% of hard drives fail in their lifetime, which means out of 100 faculty and staff, 15 of them will suffer a drive failure and loose data. If you are not backing something up, then you are saying you don't care if it's lost forever.

Backup Server

A&A has a backup server (DaBus) available to all faculty and staff. The purpose of this server is to have a place to back up the most critical college related data for each person. Users have a 10gb quota, so there is obviously no room for personal photos and music collections. This also means that unmanaged email spanning 10 years at PSU will likely not fit. Keep these things in mind when determining what folders of critical college business related documents will be stored on the server. If you are not yet set up on the college backup server, contact AAIT to schedule a time to get set up.

Local Backups

It is highly recommended that every user have an external hard drive for full system backups. On Mac, this is very easy with Time Machine. Time Machine is an automatic backup service in the Mac OS which will create incremental backups of your data every 30 minutes as long as the drive is connected. By default it will back up the entire drive, but since we use system images it should be set up to only back up your user data. This makes it easy to image a new drive and restore your data and suffer no loss in the event of a drive failure. Similar systems can be set up on Windows machines. If you do not have an external drive, it is highly recommended you obtain one either though your department or personally for peace of mind. Contact the AAIT HelpDesk for assistance with setting up your backups.

Server Shares

CoArts has shares for departmental business which are backed up nightly and weekly on offsite storage. These shares are NOT to be used for backing up your personal information, but you should be aware that this service exists.  Note that these backups are replications, not incremental, as they are for disaster recovery, not an "oops I deleted a file 2 days ago" situation.  If you are only keeping documents locally that are for departmental business and sharing them by email for flash drive instead of on a server share, perhaps you should rethink your workflow. See the page on CoArts for more information, or complete a Service Request form to request a share for your department or project.

PASS Space

Every person at PSU has unlimited network storage with PASS, which is a centrally maintained file space at ITS. More information on PASS can be found here. It is unlikely to offer enough space for a full drive backup, but it is another location you can store important files to prevent catastrophic data loss.