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AAIT provides the following resources for the faculty:

A school provided workstation for each faculty and staff member

Each faculty and staff member is assigned a school workstation. These workstations are updated on a continual lifecycle along with the rest of the school’s workstations. These machines receive complete technical support from AAIT.

Access to laser printers

Supplies for these printers are typically handled through the front office managers.  Technical support for these printers are handled by the AAIT staff. If you would like these printers and need assistance, please contact the AAIT Help Desk (865-AAIT) for assistance.

2 GB of network server space on the main file server for each faculty member

2 Gigabytes (2,000MB) of network storage is provided to each faculty and staff member for their use. This space is accessible from anywhere on campus and through a high speed network connection from off campus. This network space is password protected and backed up on a nightly basis.

Flatbed scanner and wide format scanners

Faculty are welcomed to use the flatbed scanners located in SALA and Graphic Design plus the wide format scanner in SALA.  

Faculty personal equipment

No IT support will be provided for personally-owned equipment or for personally-installed applications (games, entertainment, personal finance, etc.). No personally-owned equipment may be connected to the College networks (i.e., while faculty may still connect to the College and University from a distance for email, web, and so forth, they may not physically connect personally-owned equipment to university wires in Arts & Architecture buildings).

University Policy Manual: Policies all employees are responsible for knowing.