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Tangible Asset Form 
- To request authorization for temporary transfer of University tangible assets to a non-University location fill out this form.

Request for Temporary Administrative Access Request Form
- Request form and policy for Administrative Access on Penn State owned machine.

Computer and Network Access Agreement Form
- All employees must complete this form to obtain access to the A&A network (Internet access at your desk).

Request for Network Services
- Use this special Footprints form to request the creation of a new network share, host a new database, have a website created, or add users or make changes to any of these things.

Print Chargeback Agreement Form 
- This form must be completed each academic year for each student wanting to print on the chargeback system. Return completed form, along with your Penn State photo ID, in person to AAIT to enable your account. 

Special Printing Form
-  Form must be completed by faculty when a group project account is needed. 

Print Reimbursement Request Form 
- Fill out form if you believe you need a print reimbursement for an error or quality issue in the print job.

Department Funded Printing Agreement
- For students in departments where the department provides free printing, this agreement must be completed to enable a print account.