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Printing Forms and Policies

Printing Forms

Print Reimbursements
-Learn more about print reimbursements so you are aware of the process.

Print Reimbursement Form
-Fill out form if you believe you need a print reimbursement for an error or quality issue in the print job.

Special Printing Form
- Needs to be completed by faculty/staff when a project or TA account is needed.

Print Chargeback Agreement Form
- Must be completed each academic year for each student wanting to print on the chargeback system. Return completed form in person to your IT support staff to enable your account.

Department Funded Printing Agreement
- For students in departments where the department provides free printing, this agreement must be completed to enable a print account.

Printing Policies

  1. Only school provided paper can be used in the plotters, with the exception of the z3200PS manual feed models.  For a list of approved media for the z3200’s, refer to the Printer and Plotter List.  Users may not remove paper from these devices and if they do, they will be fined on a per incident basis.
  2. Users will be responsible for the cost of any repairs or replacement of equipment if they attempt to use any unapproved paper or materials in any of the printing or plotting devices.
  3. Users will be responsible for the cost of repairing equipment if they attempt to remove or replace any internal or external components including but not limited to inks, toners, print heads, fusers, and paper rolls.  They will be fined on a per incident basis.
  4. Users are responsible for printing and plotting charges under their printing account.  In addition, they are responsible for any unauthorized printing from account that done from a release station left logged in or from all printing done by someone with shared login account information.
  5. Users must request any Print Reimbursement within 2 working days of the issue.