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University Resources

Services at Penn State outside of A&A. AAIT will assist with these to a degree, but we do not maintain them, and there are help and training services available centrally for them.

Tools, Services, and Downloads Unlimited online file storage sanctioned by Penn State that you can access from anywhere by browser and share with other inside and outside PSU for easy collaboration.

WebFiles: Access your PASS and Udrive through the latest portal from ITS.

Scholar Sphere: Easy digital repository publication of research and course material to public or limited audiences with copyright notation.

WebApps: Applications you can use through your browser with no need for license or installation.

Sites.psu: Create your own website for a course, portfolio, club, blog, etc with rich Wordpress tools.

Yammer:  Penn State's Yammer site.

PSU Downloads: Free software for PSU members.

Access Account Password Management: Penn State's initiative requires all PSU Faculty, Staff and Students to change their passwords annually.

Resources and Information

IT Training Services: Free training sessions for lots of general and PSU computing. training is under the Online section.

Class Recordings and Video Tutorials

Be Safe: Helpful resources for Penn Staters about protecting your digital identity.

Universtiy Policy Manual: Policies all employees are responsible for knowing.

Media & Technology Support Services (MTSS): Provides a wide range of services including - Film and Video Collection, Equipment Checkout, Media Site Live, Dial Access, Media Duplication.